Install Wolt Drive plugin for e-commerce

Plug & play checkout solution for your e-comm store

Using the Wolt Drive plug-ins

Connect your Shopify, Wix or other online platforms, and Wolt Drive is added to your customers at checkout.

Looking to add Wolt Drive to your e-comm store?

Plug & Play

Simply install the plug-in out of the box. Then toggle Wolt Drive on or off, any time.

Pay as you Go

There are no setup fees or commitments. You can unplug whenever you like.

Easy to operate

See new orders and track deliveries in real-time, all from the Wolt Drive dashboard.

Wolt Drive is your best partner for last-mile logistics


Is the Wolt Drive plug-in the right solution for me?

If you are selling through a supported e-commerce platform like Shopify or Wix, the Wolt Drive plug-in is the simplest way to integrate instant delivery into your checkout flow.

How do I implement the Wolt Drive plug-in on my online store?

Simply add the Wolt Drive app to your website through your e-comm platform provider. A short few short setup steps, and you are all set!

For which online stores is the Wolt Drive plug-in available?

The Wolt Drive plug-in/website app is currently available for Shopify and in selected countries for Wix Stores, too. We are constantly working on adding more and more platforms, so stay tuned.

How will the checkout process look like for my online customers?

After adding the Wolt Drive plug-in to your online store, upon checking out, customers will have Wolt Drive as one of their delivery options. You control which orders, items and areas to enable the Wolt Drive deliveries.

Getting started with your store is fast and easy

Wolt Drive is available for any merchant, even if you aren’t on the Wolt app

Convenient last-mile deliveries, no matter what you sell. From small to big businesses and everything in between – let’s talk about your delivery needs.