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Wolt Enterprises Oy Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21 00100 Helsinki Suomi, Finland

Business ID: 2646674-9  

Electronic invoicing operator (in Finland): Liaison Operator address: 003708599126 Company EDI-ID: 003726466749 (Wolt Enterprises Oy) OVT-code: 003726466749 

General inquiries: 


Drop us a line at or visit our support page.

Restaurant inquiries:

Contact us via the following emails if you are, or want to become, a restaurant partner with Wolt.

Croatia: Czech Republic: Denmark: Estonia: Finland: Georgia: Greece: Hungary: Israel: Latvia: Lithuania: Norway: Poland: Serbia: Slovakia: Sweden: Kazakhstan:

Retail inquiries:

Croatia: Finland: Hungary: Slovakia: Czechia: Sweden: Latvia: Lithuania: Norway: Estonia: Denmark: Malta: Cyprus: Poland: Greece:

Marketing and cooperation inquiries:

Azerbaijan: Cyprus: Croatia: Czech Republic: Denmark: Estonia: Finland: Georgia: Germany: Greece: Hungary: Israel: Japan: Kazakhstan: Latvia: Lithuania: Malta: Norway: Poland: Serbia: Slovakia:  Slovenia: Sweden: Global:

Whistleblower channel:

Third-party channel for reporting any misconduct at Wolt

For Media:

Media: Want to tell your friends how amazing Wolt is? We're all over FacebookTwitter and Instagram. We're @woltapp everywhere. Follow us to build up an appetite.

Contact Support:

If you didn’t find a suitable answer in our FAQ above, please feel free to contact us directly right away: Drop us a line at Use the live chat inside the Wolt app on your phone

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