Wolt orders. Delivered by your own couriers

Use your in-house team to deliver Wolt orders at a reduced commission — while getting access to Wolt courier partners when you need them.

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What is Self-delivery?

Self-delivery brings you the benefits of being on the Wolt App with more customers and more sales – while using your own delivery staff to fulfill your Wolt orders.

How does self delivery work?


Customers browse your business

Customers order for delivery or pickup through the Wolt app or website.


Manage incoming orders

Confirm orders on your tablet or point of sale integration.


Deliver to customers

You prepare orders for your couriers (or Wolt courier partners as needed) to deliver.

Fulfill your own deliveries

You control the delivery experience, set your own delivery area (even beyond Wolt cities), and choose the delivery fee that customers pay.

Reach new customers at a lower cost

Self-delivery partners enjoy the variety of marketing and sales benefits available to Wolt App merchants, but at a lower commission rate.

Use the Wolt courier network when you need it

With Self-delivery’s hybrid delivery option, Wolt courier partners are still available to you when you need them — for example when an order is placed after your team’s delivery hours, in peak demand or outside of your delivery area.

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Self Delivery also includes: