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Wolt Enterprises Oy Arkadiankatu 6 00100 Helsinki Suomi, Finland

Business ID: 2646674-9  

Electronic invoicing operator (in Finland): Liaison Operator address: 003708599126 Company EDI-ID: 003726466749 (Wolt Enterprises Oy) OVT-code: 003726466749 

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Croatia: Czech Republic: Denmark: Estonia: Finland: Georgia: Greece: Hungary: Israel: Latvia: Lithuania: Norway: Poland: Serbia: Slovakia: Sweden: Kazakhstan:

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Croatia: Finland: Hungary: Slovakia: Czechia: Sweden: Latvia: Lithuania: Estonia: Denmark: Malta: Cyprus: Poland: Greece:

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Azerbaijan: Cyprus: Croatia: Czech Republic: Denmark: Estonia: Finland: Georgia: Germany: Greece: Hungary: Israel: Japan: Kazakhstan: Latvia: Lithuania: Malta: Norway: Poland: Serbia: Slovakia:  Slovenia: Sweden: Global:


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If you didn’t find a suitable answer in our FAQ above, please feel free to contact us directly right away: Drop us a line at Use the live chat inside the Wolt app on your phone

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EU Regulation 2019/1150 complaints Wolt has established a formal system for handling EU Regulation 2019/1150 complaints. This system may be used by a partner within the scope of the Regulation to lodge complaints directly with Wolt regarding any of the following issues: a) alleged non-compliance by Wolt with any obligations laid down in EU Regulation 2019/1150 which affects the Partner; b) technological issues which relate directly to the provision of Wolt's services and which affect the Partner; c) measures taken by, or behaviour of, Wolt which relate directly to the provision of the online intermediation services, and which affect the Partner. Such complaints may be made to Wolt's P2B Compliance Handling Desk with the following contact details: