Fresh groceries, delivered from Wolt Market.

From stocking up on everyday essentials to doing your weekly shop – get the best local products and top brands in 30 minutes with live tracking door to door.

Whatever you need in 30 minutes

Get fresh groceries direct to you with live tracking all the way. From ordered to delivered in 30 minutes or less – that’s our promise to you.

Freshness and quality, guaranteed

We handpick the finest products and the freshest ingredients every time. The Wolt name is our stamp of quality.

From local products to top brands

Wolt Market has it all with great local products you can’t find anywhere else and top brands you know and love.

More time for you

Less shopping time means more time with family and friends, more time for hobbies and more time doing nothing at all.

People are sitting in front of the TV to play video games and enjoying the food delivered by Wolt.

Fast and friendly customer support

We’re known for our world-class support and quick response times. If you need us, we’ll always be there.

Find Wolt Market exclusively on the Wolt app. Available for pick up or delivery.

Calling all local producers!

We love adding fresh new local products to our Wolt Market selection. Get in touch to add your own local specialties – it’s a great way to get increased visibility and sales!

How to order fresh groceries in three simple steps


Find Wolt Market on the Wolt app


Pick the items you want


Get your order in about 30 minutes

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