The easiest way to get food for your company event

Cater your next company event with great food from hundreds of restaurants.

Remote? In the office? No problem. With Wolt for Work, everyone can order their favourite food from wherever they are.

1. Set up a date and a budget

Company party? Client meeting? Remote workshop? We've got you covered.

You have full control over your event's cost. Set a budget per person and only pay for what your guests spend.

2. Send the invitations!

Invite people from inside your company or use our Events feature to give some tasty food to your clients, you only need to have their emails to invite anyone to join.

3. Your guests order their favorite food from Wolt

There’s no need for compromise: your guests will have access to hundreds of great restaurants where they can choose their favorite food: this way, everyone is happy!

Plan your next...

  • Office party

  • Virtual event

  • Client meeting

  • Team workshop

Plan your next company event with Wolt for Work