Wolt Referral Program Terms - Israel

Existing Users ("Referrer") who refer friends as new customers ("Customer") to the Wolt Service, may both - Referrer and Customer - be eligible to receive referral credits (“Credit(s)”). Customer must sign up using the unique personal code ("Code") provided to them by Referrer. The Code must be provided to Customer through email, text, or the Share Your Code option on the Wolt App or Website (“Message Sharing”). Unless otherwise agreed between Wolt and Referrer, the Referrer is not allowed to share the personal code by posting it on websites including, but not limited to, websites accessible to the general public (including coupon sites and similar sites), buying paid ads, spamming people you don’t know with the Code and/or the Message Sharing or in any other way. Wolt reserves the right to determine whether a referral qualifies for Credits and can deactivate or invalidate any Credits or any remaining amount left of the Credits, as the case may be, obtained by above mentioned or similar means or in case of technical error or otherwise in violation of these Referral Program Terms or the User Terms of Service. 

Under the Referral Program limitations may apply, including to the amount of Credits that a Referrer or Customer can receive.  Wolt has the right to change such limitations from time to time. The limitations are determined in more detail in the Wolt Service where applicable. Referrers can only receive Credits from Customers that are located in the same country as the Referrer. Credit amounts may vary based on the country and Referrer location will determine the  Credit amount that the Referrer and Customer will be eligible to receive. Credit amounts will be stated in Referrer's Wolt account and in the Message Sharing sent to  Customer by the Referrer. Select countries may require a minimum amount of first purchases and/or minimum subtotal (excluding taxes and fees) on Customer's first order(s) that must be met in order for both Customer and Referrer to receive Credits. Customer will be disqualified and will not receive Credits if Wolt determines that Customer has previously created a Wolt account. Wolt reserves the right to withhold or invalidate Credits or any remaining amount left of the Credits, obtained through the Wolt Referral Program if Wolt determines or believes that the Credits were received or used, as the case may be, through error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of these terms and conditions or the User Terms of Service or any other applicable agreement between you and Wolt.

These Referral Program Terms will apply to all Users, unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing between Wolt and a User. Wolt, at its sole discretion, may cancel or change the Referral Program and/or These Referral Program Terms including determine any limitations and/or conditions regarding, inter alia, the Credits amount you earn, without providing any prior notice. These Referral Program Terms are subject to the User Terms of Service. 

Please note that as of 24.7.2023 a limitation of maximum NIS 500 in credits for referring customers will apply.

Updated 23.4.2023. The update is valid from 24.7.2023.