Sustainability at Wolt

Our approach on sustainability is rooted in Wolt's mission to make cities better places. We want to have a positive impact for everyone living in a city. This means that we are mindful about our impact on the local communities and environment - and that we take actions with purpose

Making cities better places to live for everyone

In 2022, we conducted a Woltwide materiality assessment to help us better understand our key impacts and prioritize our efforts. We collected feedback from hundreds of people on our team, over 4,000 courier partners and 400 merchants, and interviewed each of our senior leaders. Through this process we learned that we're an ambitious bunch and want to make a difference, and so we created the Woltwide sustainability roadmap -  focusing on five key areas.

A message from our CEO

Technology companies like Wolt have a profound impact on the daily lives of customers, merchants and couriers alike. This doesn’t mean that our impact ends there - and we want to take actions that are positive for the local communities, economies and environment across the countries and cities we’re in. 

We’re taking a Wolt-wide approach to sustainability to focus on efforts that impact everyone around us - to make cities better places to live for everyone. - Miki Kuusi, Co-founder and CEO, Wolt

Focusing on what matters most

At Wolt, we believe that sustainability isn’t just a one-person job – or a one-company job for that matter. Our success depends on our ability to work with our partners, customers and peers to drive positive change. We’ve focussed our efforts around five key aspirations where we know we can have the biggest impact.

Thanks to the following partners who are helping us make our cities better

Thanks to our partner Tarprec, we have developed an industry leading delivery bag recycling programme that is now available in 12 countries.

Recycling our courier partner gear with

Working with our partner EIT Urban Mobility, we've kickstarted our efforts to shift our courier partner vehicles to low emissions alternatives and make cities safer

Driving sustainable urban mobility forward with

We're working with Watershed to understand our carbon emissions and create a robust, science based plan to reduce them

Understanding our carbon footprint with

We're helping build a community or organizations to make platform work safer and ensure that our courier partners have access to important benefits like health and liability insurance, as well as support on how to do their taxes and rewards

Making platform work safer with

We're helping our customers and restaurant partners minimize take-away packaging waste in Finland

Reducing packaging waste with

Being open and honest

Transparency with our customers, partners, and other people we touch means that we can learn from each other and get to our end goal faster. As part of our sustainability efforts, we’re committed to sharing our lessons, successes, and even our failures. Want to chat? Email the Wolt Sustainability team.