Supporting our partners to grow and thrive

As a platform, Wolt helps local communities by offering merchants and courier partners new opportunities to earn. We see it as our responsibility to make sure the opportunities we offer are safe, flexible and fair. We also believe we have an important role to play in helping our partners make the transition to a sustainable future. Check out some of our current projects below.

Supporting our couriers with accident insurance

We've rolled out free accident insurance to our courier partners. We’re also working closely with policymakers to ensure the flexibility of platform work can be paired with proper safety nets.

Partnering with restaurants to drive sustainability

We want to help our merchant and restaurant partners make choices that are more sustainable and good for their business. For example, earlier this year we ran our first online webinar  to educate merchants about the benefits of switching to reusable packaging.

Being responsible with what we buy, and who we buy from

With thousands of sellers (suppliers to Wolt) around the world, we have the power to influence how products are developed and made – and that’s a responsibility we take seriously. As part of our global procurement efforts, we’re developing programs, policies and tools for how we choose sellers. Learn more about how we work with different people in the Wolt ecosystem.

Supporting the platform workers collective

Platform work means that in most cases individual courier partners are independent contractors or entrepreneurs – and as such, they’re responsible for covering their business needs like supplies and vehicles. While this model gives individuals the freedom and flexibility to be their own boss, it also means getting access to important things like health and liability insurance can be a hurdle.

By partnering with Collective Benefits, we’re enabling courier partners to access deals, support and insurances. A better-protected courier partner is happier, healthier, and engaged with the platform.

Being open and honest

Transparency with our customers, partners, and other people we touch means that we can learn from each other and get to our end goal faster. As part of our sustainability efforts, we’re committed to sharing our lessons, successes, and even our failures. Want to chat? Email the Wolt Sustainability team.