Policy on Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Business of selling products and services on the Wolt platform will be conducted by the Partners opening individual venues for the sale of their product on the Wolt platform, rather than Wolt Japan KK (“Wolt Japan”) selling the relevant products. Below, we have stipulated items that apply commonly to each Partner, and please refer to each of the Partner's own webpage or the relevant purchase page on the Wolt platform for individual items.

It should be noted that Wolt does not take any responsibility for the content or information provided in any external websites or links that are not maintained by Wolt.

Price of the goods sold and the price of the services

Price will be displayed on the purchase or settlement page for each product or service

Delivery charge

Delivery charge will be displayed on the purchase or settlement page of each product or service

Method and timing of payment of the purchase price

The payment method is based on the method selected on the purchase or settlement page for each product or service.

For online payments, it is processed by the payment service provider at the time of purchase. In the case of cash on delivery, payment will be made in exchange for the delivery of goods or services.

Timing of delivery of goods and services

Timing of delivery will be displayed as an estimate on the purchase or settlement page for each product or service

Any delivery time or pick-up time or other time estimate communicated to the User by the Partner or Wolt in the Wolt Service are only estimated times. There is no guarantee that the order will be delivered or available for pick-up or consumption at the estimated time. Delivery times of the products may also be affected by factors such as traffic jams, rush hours and weather conditions. The service will confirm the delivery time once product or service has been delivered. 

Returns and defects in goods and services

Due to the nature of our products and services, we will not be able to accept any return of products due to the personal preference of our users.  In case the User discovers defects or product differences in the products or services, please contact us by using the in app Customer Support Chat as soon as possible.

Please refer the Wolt User Terms of Service for more information:


Name (Trade name) and address, etc. of the merchant

As described on each Partner's own page on the internet, as well as information available at the Wolt platform

The contents and amount of fees to be borne by the User other than the purchase price of the goods, the consideration for the services, and the delivery fee.

Prices and amounts shown will be shown on the purchase page for goods and services

Limitations on the sales volume of goods and services, etc.

The minimum or maximum amount may be set for each order. Further, the quantity of products and services to be ordered may be limited. In the case of goods or services for which special conditions of sale or conditions of provision exist, the conditions shall be indicated on the purchase page of each goods or services.

Other information under the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

We will contact you by e-mail or other means as soon as we receive your inquiry to customer support.

Notes on using credit cards

If you use a credit card (including debit cards, the same will apply hereafter), you shall be deemed to have confirmed and approved the following details.

Credit Card Brands: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners, Discover, JCBs and VISA Electron can be used.

We will not accept the User using a credit card other than his/her name.

Credit card payments are processed by a third-party payment service provider. With the consent of the User, for subsequent orders, the User's credit card/payment information, such as card number, expiration date, name of the holder, etc., is stored in a third party payment service provider.

If cancellations or changes occur after an order, contact us immediately using the in-app customer support chat function.

The operator of Wolt Service

Company name: Wolt Japan KK

Address: PORTAL POINT SHIBUYA 7 Floor, 1-11-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Haruna Yasui, General Manager 

Contact: Email support@wolt.com or use the customer support chat function in the app. Contact telephone numbers will also be disclosed without delay if the User requests them at the above channels.

Further information is also available through: