Become a Wolt Courier Partner

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Why Deliver With Wolt?

As a Wolt Courier Partner, you can earn money by delivering orders to local customers. You set your own schedule, so you deliver when and where you want. It's easy to start earning - no previous delivery experience is required!

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  • Competitive Earnings

    ✔ The more you deliver, the more money you can earn

    ✔ Reward per item: Determined by pickup distance, delivery distance, weather, city availability, restaurant location, etc. *You can check the total amount of your reward on the app before accepting a request.

  • Flexible hours

    ✔ Unlike full-time or part-time jobs, you decided your own hours

    ✔ Delivering with Wolt fits easily into your day-to-day life – giving you a flexible way to work

  • Amazing support

    ✔ Wolt's Support Team are on hand should you ever need help

    ✔ The Courier Partner app makes it easy to find your way around town

    ✔️ Prompt and friendly response

Registration is easy ♪


Submit your application


Pass the test


Submit necessary documents

Required fields for registration

【What you need to register】 ✔ Bicycle, moped, or light vehicle with business license plate (light motor vehicle, motorcycle over 126cc)

✔ Driver's license (not required for bicycle registration)

✔ Valid ID with photo

✔ Smart phone with SMS and call facility

✔ Japanese bank account

<In addition to the above, foreign nationals will need the following ✔ Resident status with no work limitation *Please note that those whose resident card states "working hours within 28 hours allowed" cannot register.

✔Japanese JLPT N2 level or above (✔Customers and support team will be required to communicate with you in Japanese via chat, phone, etc.)

✔Requirements for registration ✔Be at least 18 years old. (Elderly people, housewives and students are also welcome to apply!)

【Welcome】 ✔Friendly to merchants/customers, pleasant greetings, and courteous attitude are welcome! ✔We also welcome those who like to eat and want to get some exercise!

"I work full-time as a Wolt Courier Partner to save up money for my future business of opening up a cafe. I love Wolt as I am able to work with flexible hours and earn money instead of working at an hourly paid job."


"I am a university student and also do deliveries for Wolt as a Courier Partner.  I chose Wolt since I can manage to earn money during my spare time and also focus on my studies."


Sign up today and you’ll hit the road in no time!

We are looking for Fleet Partners who want to help deliver food and groceries in their communities through Wolt!

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【軽貨物のみ募集しているエリア】 北海道: 旭川, 函館, 千歳, 札幌, 帯広

東北: 青森, 八戸, 弘前, 秋田, 山形

【軽貨物/バイクのみ募集しているエリア】 東北: 大崎, 石巻, いわき, 福島, 郡山

関東: 埼玉

中部: 新潟, 長岡, 名古屋, 浜松, 静岡

中四国: 岡山, 松山, 高松

九州・沖縄: 北九州, 鹿児島,宮崎, 那覇

**すでにご応募済みの方のプロセスには影響はございません** 大変申し訳ありませんが、再開時期は現在未定となっておりますため、お問い合わせいただいてもお答えできかねます。再開時には、こちらの内容を更新いたしますので、何卒ご了承ください。 また、停止中の車種でのご紹介については、残念ながら紹介ボーナスは対象外となります。登録後の車種変更についても、登録ボーナスの対象とならない場合がございますので、ご注意ください。

(2023年9月5日 最終アップデート)

Frequently asked questions

Registration can be done through the application 👌

<Start registration from "Apply Now"! > Download App Now

About Wolt 💙

We’re a tech company from Finland, best known for our delivery app, which connects customers, local businesses, and couriers who are looking for an opportunity to earn money in a flexible way. In 2015 we started with restaurant food and over time we added groceries, gifts, and other items. Now it’s possible for people living in hundreds of cities across 23 countries to get whatever they need, delivered quickly and reliably to their front door. We try to do right by people, making every city we enter a better place.