The climate is already changing, and so are we

With almost 80% of our Woltwide carbon emissions coming from the deliveries our courier partners make, using vehicles with a lower emissions footprint is the biggest opportunity for us to live up to our mission to make cities better. Even though between 30-40% of our courier partners globally drive a vehicle that is considered carbon neutral (like bicycles), we know we can (and must) do better. That’s why, starting now, we’re reinvesting 100% of the funds we previously used for carbon offsets into helping couriers make the switch to low carbon transportation modes as soon as possible. This is the logical next step for us as we move forward on our mission. In the past, we’ve purchased certified carbon avoidance offsets to ensure that each and every delivery is carbon neutral. And while we’ve been able to financially support many valuable projects around the world in the process, we’ve also gotten smarter about our impact and our opportunities, and we’ve listened to you, our customers.

So what are we actually doing?

  • We’re launching the Better Cities Fund

    Working in partnership with Two Wheel Company and South Pole, we’re launching the Better Cities Fund - a financial grant program that gives courier partners the chance to get into specially designed electric bicycles and mopeds that are perfect for urban deliveries, at an affordable price.

  • Offering new earnings opportunities for electric cars

    Many courier partners are already driving electric cars and we want to encourage more of that! So we’re looking at how we can create new earnings opportunities for electric car couriers through on-vehicle advertising. 

  • Optimizing how we do deliveries

    Being more efficient as a company and optimizing how we do deliveries is not just good for our business, it also helps us reduce our carbon emissions. We’re constantly fine tuning and improving our app so that we can improve.

  • Supporting new technologies

    From pilot testing electric mopeds with swappable batteries to using cargo bikes and trying out electric snow-scooters – we continue to pilot dozens of new products and vehicles that have a potential to help us reduce our carbon emissions even further.

Frequently asked questions

Sustainability at Wolt

We were founded with a mission to make cities better, for everyone, and that means looking at our impacts across people, the planet and the economy. In 2021 and 2022, working with DoorDash and Watershed, we expanded our carbon measurement to include our full scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and begin our work to set a clear reduction plan and target to get us to netzero by 2040.