Enabling sustainable choices

Millions of users access our platform daily. We want to make it easy for each individual to make a positive decision towards a more sustainable future through our platform. Read more about some of our current projects below.

Paper, not plastic bags

We believe that in most cases, paper is better than plastic. That’s why we’re working hard to transition all of our delivery bags to paper, and to ensure that wood fibers come from responsibly managed forests.

Better options, straight to your door

Eco labels are complex. Even though they’re supposed to make it easier to buy more sustainable products by making them quick to identify, the reality is that there are hundreds of labels out there – leaving people feeling overwhelmed or confused.

Through a pilot with some of our Wolt Market stores, we’re helping to identify products with credible environmental or social benefits.

Goodbye to unwanted single-use utensils

Single-use utensils like knives, forks and napkins are great if you're eating take-away food in the park. But the reality is that most of our deliveries are to homes where customers don't need (and in many cases don't actually want) the extra waste.

That's why we're working hard with our amazing developers to make this the default "opt-out" option for every order. That doesn't mean our customers can't get single-use items, it just means that they’ll have to select them when they order.

Partnering with Kamupak to make reusables a reality

In Finland, we’ve partnered with an innovative company called Kamupak to make it easy for customers to use reusable containers for their Wolt orders. Unlike single-use packages, the containers can be reused more than 100 times and show real promise for reducing the waste and emissions associated with take-out orders.

Since joining forces with Kamupah in 2021, our customers have already reused more than 60,000 individual containers, and that’s just the beginning. Earlier this year, we collaborated with Kamupak to raise awareness about reusable packaging with our merchants and encourage them to make the switch.

Being open and honest

Transparency with our customers, partners, and other people we touch means that we can learn from each other and get to our end goal faster. As part of our sustainability efforts, we’re committed to sharing our lessons, successes, and even our failures. Want to chat? Email the Wolt Sustainability team.