Use the Wolt Drive Web App

Offer express deliveries from day one

Using the Wolt Drive Web App

No integration or coding required. Start providing an amazing customer experience with on-demand deliveries right away.

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Deliver With a Few Clicks

Log in to a simple, mobile-friendly web interface. No installations or integrations required.

Pay as You Go

Not ready to go all-in on express delivery? Log off any time. No hidden fees or commitments

Live Tracking Door to Door

You and your customers know exactly where the order is and when it arrives. We even support scheduled deliveries.

Wolt Drive is your best partner for last-mile logistics


Is the Wolt Drive Web App the right solution for me?

This is the best solution if you prefer the immediate, no-investment solution for using Wolt Drive. The Web App requires no integrations and is a great first step to start using Wolt Drive until your API integration is ready. It can also be used in cases where you don't have a website or an app, for example, if you take orders by phone or social networks.

What do I need in order to get started with the Drive Web App?

All you need is to create an account. The web app requires no integrations or downloads. No need to have a website or an app either.

How do I use the Wolt Drive web app for my shop(s)?

When an order comes in, you log in to the Web App, add the delivery information and package details. A Wolt Drive courier partner will then come in to pick it up and drop it off at the destination. You can also schedule the pick-up for a future time.

How can my customers track their deliveries?

Once the package is on its way, customers get a message with a link to see a live location of their delivery.

Getting started with your store is fast and easy

Wolt Drive is available for any merchant, even if you aren’t on the Wolt app

Convenient last-mile deliveries, no matter what you sell. From small to big businesses and everything in between – let’s talk about your delivery needs.