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Introduce your store to a huge customer base on the Wolt App – offering delivery or pickup to new and existing customers.

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Offer delivery and pickup

Open a new revenue stream and offer pickup and delivery on Wolt, with our courier partners or your own drivers.

Access big spenders

Tap into Wolt+ subscribers—customers who order more frequently and spend more per order.

Keep track of your business

Use our admin tool to track business performance – gaining valuable insights to further boost sales.

How it works?

A customer browses the Wolt app and places an order from your store. The order appears in the Merchant App for you to complete. Once packed and ready, a courier partner will arrive to pick up the order and deliver the goods to the customer. In total, it takes about 30 minutes for the customer to receive and enjoy their order.

Reach Wolt+ subscribers

Increase sales by tapping into Wolt+ customers: loyal subscribers who order more frequently than other Wolt customers. If you’re signed up to Wolt+, your store will be promoted to Wolt+ customers and featured in dedicated placements on the Wolt App.

Offer more flexibility with Pickup

Become a neighborhood favorite by offering a pickup option for local customers. Once your business page is created, customers near you can find your venue and place orders they pick up themselves.

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The Wolt team has shown great professionalism and support. With Wolt our products can reach even more customers, which is key to our strategy of expansion and increasing sales. The collaboration has had a direct impact on the satisfaction of our customers. Our cooperation with Wolt is more than just a business partnership; it's a cooperation based on a commitment to excellence.

Miha DeuSPAR

We immediately decided to work with Wolt without hesitation, as we used to have our own food delivery service.

Due to the transformation of our gastronomy business, we stopped delivering food several years ago.

But now Wolt's a great partner for our customers, as some of them have already missed us.

EJGA together with WOLT is the perfect solution for hungry tummies in Jesenice.

Alenka DovžanEjga

With Wolt, we gained an important partner, and our customers gained a great application, and fast and reliable service. The cooperation has brought us new customers, strong marketing and additional income, which ensures our stability and growth. Wolt has also freed up our team to focus on what we do best - preparing and serving Indian and Nepali delicacies.

Jham Kulvinder Singh and Matej SelanMaharaja

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