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Why deliver with Wolt?

As a courier partner, you earn money by delivering orders to local customers. You set your own schedule, so you deliver when and where you want. It's easy to start earning – no previous delivery experience is required!

  • Wolt courier from Finland

    Competitive earnings

    ✔ The more you deliver, the more money you can earn

    Get paid per delivery and for distance covered

  • Work according your own schedule

    ✔ Unlike full-time or part-time jobs, you decide your own hours

    You can fit delivering around your life - whether you want to travel, study, or spend time with your family

    You can work as as many or as few hours as you want, according to your preference

  • Amazing support

    ✔ Wolt's Support Team are on hand should you ever need help

    ✔ The Wolt Partner app makes it easy to find your way around town

    Available high quality gear to keep you safe, warm and dry

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A few things you’ll need to get started

Our simple application requirements:

✔ Your own vehicle (such as a car, bike, or scooter)

✔ A valid driving license (for motorized vehicles)

✔ ID and proof of right to work (age 18+)

✔ An 'autorisation d'établissement' (Business Permit)

✔ A smartphone with a reliable data connection

"What I love about making deliveries with Wolt as an entrepreneur is the freedom and the ease. I'm happiest when I'm riding freely on the road, and it's great that I get to earn while doing it! I don't have a boss breathing down my neck."


"Delivering with Wolt doesn't require any commitment from me. I set my own targets, and decide how and when I can reach them. Wolt is a flexible option that lets me choose how I want to work."


"As a full-time student, being my own boss means that I can find the perfect balance between work and my studies. I love that I can work as much as I want and adjust my schedule according to my needs, which isn't possible in a traditional job."


Don't hesitate!

Frequently asked questions

About Wolt 💙

We’re a tech company from Finland, best known for our delivery app, which connects customers, local businesses, and couriers who are looking for an opportunity to earn money in a flexible way. In 2015 we started with restaurant food and over time we added groceries, gifts, and other items. Now it’s possible for people living in hundreds of cities across 25 countries to get whatever they need, delivered quickly and reliably to their front door. We try to do right by people, making every city we enter a better place.