Fuel your company with Wolt's flexible delivery solution

Provide fast and easy meals (and more) for your employees, wherever they work, with Wolt for Work.

Easy to start and easy to use

Easy setup

Setup is easy so employees can order delivery and pickup from Wolt.

More control

Employees choose what to eat while you control the spend.

Fast, trackable delivery

Delivery time of about 30 minutes with live order tracking.

Invite members

Once you are given access to the admin portal, add your employees to invite them to activate their new benefits or budget. If you plan for admins, like office managers to use the platform, no need to create groups or meal budgets.

Create groups

Create groups to organize employees into different teams. Recommended for easier allocation across teams or offices.

Customize your budget policies

Employees get to choose what to order while you stay in control of the budget. Allocate recurring budgets or one-time meal stipends. Define budgets by employee, team, day, time, or location. Restrict budgets to office deliveries if you want to encourage a return to the office.

Receive just one monthly invoice

All orders go on one, simple to process monthly invoice, so no need to chance around for individual receipts.

More than just food for employees

Wolt for Work is a great way to stock up the office with essential items and order all you need for successful happy hours.

Getting started is easy

Sign up for Wolt for Work in minutes. Deliver happiness to your workplace.