What we stand for

Our mission is to make cities better by empowering and growing local communities. To do so, we want to make the busy lives of our customers a bit easier, offer local stores and restaurants additional sales and offer flexible earning opportunities for courier partners. We’re dedicated to always improving all areas of our business and we aim to be the preferred service of customers and partners alike. 

Focusing our efforts on creating value for the people on our platform is how we’ve been able to succeed - and by continuing to do so, we and our partners can continue to grow. This means we obsess about the customer experience, build world-class tools and products for our merchants and ensure courier partners are satisfied with working on our platform. This approach is also at the core of how we approach the broader topics of responsibility and sustainability. We want to live up to the responsibility we have, and we’re committed to being a driver for a more sustainable future. 

On this page, we’ve included some important topics that we care about. This is not an exhaustive list, and something we’ll keep updating.

Respect & equality

At Wolt, we unite people across different backgrounds. Diverse teams make smarter decisions and build better products and services. We approach all people with empathy and we actively try to build a community that ensures a sense of belonging and inclusiveness for everyone. 

To provide our customers, partners and employees a positive experience with Wolt, we expect everyone to show each other respect at all times. Concretely, this means that we don’t accept any kind of discrimination, rudeness or inappropriate behavior. Such behavior by anyone on Wolt may lead to a temporary suspension, or even permanent exclusion from our platform.

This is what we mean by showing mutual respect:

  • Speak (and type) to people politely and appropriately 

  • Don’t make threats or show any kind of aggressive behavior

  • Never behave in a racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory way 

  • Respect everyone’s privacy

Think before you act, speak or type.

If you witness or experience disrespectful behavior please inform us immediately. You can contact us at support@wolt.com, through our in-app chat, or our SpeakUp channel, which is our secure whistleblower channel where anyone can report misconduct anonymously.

Diversity and inclusion make Wolt better

Diversity is not just a target for us. Our goal is to build a great experience for all our customers and partners - and we mean everyone. This requires that our products are built by diverse teams, and are designed for diversity and inclusion from the get go. 

At Wolt, we have over 100 nationalities represented in our team, and our gender balance is close to 50/50 at the company-wide level. A challenge for us is that only about 17% of the people who work in our product development – meaning our engineers, data scientists and analysts, product leads and product designers – identify as women. Getting more women to build technology, apps and software is a big challenge not only for us, but for technology companies at large. In fact, out of the people who work in the tech industry only about 20–30% are women. We want to encourage more women to join the tech industry, because we’ve seen what a difference it makes. We’ve taken actions, for example through our “women in tech” initiatives where we not only try to recruit more women to our tech team, but also try and motivate more women and young girls to build a career in tech.

Respecting each other is the only way forward. For example, we support the LGBTQ+ community in our work on diversity, equity and inclusion. We want to give the community more space and a louder voice at Wolt. Concretely, we have formed groups internally, such as our ‘Rainbow alliance’ and ‘DEI crew’ to make sure members of the community have space and support to continue to build a sense of belonging. As the first step, we have created a DEI policy for Wolt and we will be assessing our progress in creating an all-inclusive company as a fundamental part of our sustainability strategy.

Access to flexible work - and benefits

In line with our mission to empower and grow local communities, we offer flexible earning opportunities to nearly 200.000 courier partners, who can freely decide when, where and how they want to perform delivery services. They freely log on- and offline on the Wolt Partner App to choose which of the offered delivery tasks they accept. Our quarterly satisfaction surveys consistently show that our courier partners are satisfied with their partnership with us, and that the flexibility we offer is what they appreciate the most. 

In addition to flexibility, we offer access to work with low entry barriers - our courier partners don’t have bosses or probation periods, and we don't set strict language or educational requirements. Many of our courier partners only provide their services occasionally, as a source of complementary income next to their main job, while studying, or as they’re between jobs. 

Yes, our model provides for flexibility, but also for protections such as insurance. It is important that our courier partners are heard as policy makers across different countries are looking to update laws to adapt to these new work models. We support clear rules that give our courier partners the flexibility they desire, coupled with the protections they deserve. Read more about our vision here.


We are committed to do right by our teammates, partners, customers, and the general public. This is, and has always been, the basis for everything we do. What we can do better is share our thinking, and that’s why we try to be transparent about what we do, and how we do it. That has resulted in the below report, to give a behind the scenes understanding of what makes Wolt - well, Wolt.

Our transparency report

Building a sustainable business

Sustainability is at the heart of our efforts to grow and thrive. It’s embedded in our mission to make cities better. While our focus has been on creating economic growth and supporting local small and medium businesses, we were also one of the first players in our industry to offset all of the emissions from our deliveries (announced in 2019). 

These were the early days, and we know we can do a lot more. We have taken our sustainability efforts to a new level and launched a global sustainability strategy. We will be transparent about our progress, share updates - including our challenges - and we hope to inspire others along the way. You can read more about these and other projects within Wolt’s Sustainability efforts on the Responsibility at Wolt page.