Corporate delivery partners wanted!

Corporate contract with Wolt to utilize excess vehicles and realize gap time + income opportunities

Advantages of Partnering with Wolt


Work as much as you want, when you want Earn extra income in the gaps between other jobs 


Utilize underutilized light vehicles and, and motivated human resources

fits with era

Food delivery is an industry that will grow even more in the future! Lots of new discoveries 👀

What do we need for residtration?

Only two things are needed for delivery!

  1. Corporate identification number

  2. Business Light Cargo Vehicles with Black Number 

※Negotiable for mopeds / not applicable for bicycles

Steps to start delivery as FLEET Partner


Make an Inquiry through the Inquiry form


Company Registration


Driver Registration

Campaigns For FLEET Compnay

Currently no Campaign running

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If you are interested, please contact us first!