Simplify team food orders with expensed meals

Set a food ordering budget for teams to order expensed employee meals on Wolt. Only pay for what you spend.

Easily create an expensed meal program through Wolt for Work

Provide meals anytime, anywhere

Expensed meals work great for in-office, remote, and hybrid teams – or even virtual events.

Customize team meal budgets

Set limits on when, where, and how much employees can spend on Wolt.

Accommodate dietary preferences

Employees are able to choose meals that work for their health and dietary needs.

Give your team flexibility and choice

Our expensed employee meals allows employees to choose from Wolt's wide selection of local and national restaurant and grocery stores. Team members order what they want according to their own preferences, tastes, and dietary restrictions. It works great for in-office, remote, and hybrid teams.

Save time with automated reimbursement

Employees get subsidized meals without needing to submit receipts — instead, orders are automatically expensed to the company account, saving you valuable time processing receipts from multiple vendors.

Customize meal budgets

Employees get to choose what to order while you stay in control of the budget. Allocate recurring budgets or one-time meal allowances. Define budgets by employee, team, day, time, category or location. Restrict budgets to office deliveries if you want to encourage working from the office.

Create a thriving workplace with meal benefits

Encourage team bonding

Employees can use the "Order together" feature to invite their colleagues and have food arrive at the same time – all with one delivery fee.

Support employees on long work days

Keep late-night employees fed and energized with the food they like. Set the time, day and budget so the can order, or send them a one-time meal voucher using the Events feature.

Attract and retain top talent

Offer an appealing food perk program and attract top talent with benefits they value. Get employees motivated with meals that cater for their individual taste.

Endorse working from the office

Returning to work from the office full-time or adopting a hybrid model? Use food programs to make the transition smoother.

Getting started is easy

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