Get closer to your ideal customers with Wolt Ads

With more engagement, more customers and more sales, Wolt Ads really delivers.

What are Wolt Ads?

Wolt Ads is a retail media suite of Analytics, Audiences and Ads that offers high visibility for your brand, business or products across our app and beyond.

Wolt Ads for Merchants is for partners looking to promote their venues in our app.

Wolt Ads for Brands is for manufacturers looking to promote their products in our app.

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Reach a ready-to-buy audience

Backed by insights, you reach your exact audience at the exact moment that’s relevant for them.

Get more from your investment

More engagement. More customers. More sales.

Bring attention to your brand

Wolt Ads help you stand out among the millions of Wolt customers ready to buy your products.

Wolt in app ads

Discover our advertising tools

  • Wolt in app ads

    Wolt In-App Ads

    Get closer to your ideal customers with ads that blend naturally into their purchasing journeys.

  • Wolt Ads outside the app

    Ads beyond our App

    Target shoppers outside our app based on their shopping behaviour. Activate social media and programmatic ads.

  • From digital to physical

    Get closer to your customers with branded bags, flyers and sampling. Delivered straight to their homes.

Wolt Ads for Merchants: Self-Service campaigns

Create a Sponsored Listing for your venue in minutes

Watch this short tutorial to learn how you can set up your own Wolt Ads Sponsored Listing campaign in the Merchant Portal and get noticed by more customers now.

Personalized service for

Enterprise Brands

With a dedicated partnership manager, you will get relevant category, product and customer insights to make better investment decisions. You will also have multi-country access to new product technology and commercial initiatives.

Wolt Ads for Enterprise Brands

Ads that deliver

Be seen across prominent positions

90% of our daily visitors click on the top venues in our app.

Bring attention to your business

Merchants that use Wolt Ads have increased their traffic by up to four times.

It all ads up

Partner brands have achieved a significant uplift in sales with Wolt Ads.

Frequently asked questions about Wolt Ads