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Wolt courier delivering packages

Why Deliver With Wolt?

As a Wolt Courier, you can earn money by delivering orders to local customers. You set your own schedule, so you deliver when and where you want. It's easy to start earning - no previous delivery experience is required!

  • Good Salary

    Earn up to 18 € per hour and 12€ per hour guaranteed

    ✔ Get paid per delivery and distance covered

    ✔ The more you deliver, the more money you earn

  • Flexible hours

    ✔ Unlike other full-time or part-time jobs, you decide when you work

    ✔ Delivering with Wolt fits easily into your day-to-day life – giving you a flexible way to work

    ✔ You can work between 8 to 48 hours per week according to your preference

  • Amazing support

    ✔ Wolt's Support Team is on hand should you ever need help during your shift

    ✔ Wolt Courier App makes it easy to view an overview of your earnings

    ✔ High quality gear to keep you safe, warm and dry - completely free of charge

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A few things you’ll need to get started

Check our simple application requirements:

A bike, car, or scooter

✔ A valid driving license (for motorized vehicles)

✔ ID and proof of right to work

✔ A smartphone with a data connection

"What I like most about working at Wolt is the flexibility of working hours. So I can organize myself to do other activities such as studying and enjoying my free time."


“Best part about being a Wolt courier is that by working efficiently you can reach good earnings. After working some time as a Courier I joined our Munich office as a Gear Associate to help our couriers in their daily challenges.”


“Hi, my name is Donaldo and I’ve been riding my bike on a daily basis for the last 12 years, six of them working. I love to ride my bike and have the chance of having more flexible time and freedom rather than in a regular job. I get to know my city better, keep myself healthier, and make money while doing it.


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Frequently asked questions

About Wolt 💙

We’re a tech company from Finland, best known for our delivery app, which connects customers, local businesses, and couriers who are looking for an opportunity to earn money in a flexible way. In 2015 we started with restaurant food and over time we added groceries, gifts, and other items. Now it’s possible for people living in hundreds of cities across 23 countries to get whatever they need, delivered quickly and reliably to their front door. We try to do right by people, making every city we enter a better place.