Celebrate your employees with a Wolt gift card

Show employees appreciation and celebrate special moments with a versatile Wolt gift card.

The perfect way to say thanks

A thoughtful gift

Show you care with a Wolt gift card. It's a practical and enjoyable gift all employees will love.

Use across the Wolt App

The Wolt gift card lets your employees order from thousands of businesses including fashion, home design and much more.

Redeem anytime

Wolt gift cards are valid for five years, so your employees have plenty of time to enjoy them.

Boost employee engagement and morale

Send gift cards for special occasions like work anniversaries and birthdays. Or reward employees for their hard work with a gift they’ll love.

Let your employees choose

With thousands of shops, restaurants and specialty stores available on Wolt, gift cards unlock various options for employees to buy what they like.

Getting started is easy

Sign up for Wolt for Work in minutes. Deliver happiness to your workplace.

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