Become a Wolt Courier Partner

You set your own schedule and you can deliver when and where you want.

Why deliver with Wolt? 💙

As a Wolt Courier Partner, you can earn money by delivering orders to local customers. You set your own schedule, so you deliver when and where you want. It's easy to start earning - no previous delivery experience is required!

  • Competitive Earnings

    ✔ Earn regularly over 300 CZK per hour

    ✔ Fees shown before accepting task

    ✔ Earn for each pickup, delivery and distance traveled

  • Flexible hours

    ✔ You decide when to be online and for how long

    ✔ Delivering with Wolt fits easily into your day-to-day life – giving you a flexible way to work

  • We've always got your back

    Our Support team is available at all times and replies within minutes

    Wolt provides free basic accident and liability insurance during deliveries

How can you get started? 🚀


Submit your application


Check out our videos (10 mins) to see what the job is like


Choose a type of cooperation


Select your Wolt gear


Deliver and earn money!

A few things you’ll need to get started 🤝🏻

Vehicle (car, bike or scooter) 🚙

Smartphone (iOS, Android) with a data connection 📱

Bank account in the Czech Republic (recommended) 🏦

You speak Czech, Slovak or English 🗣️

EU citizenship or valid work/residence permit 🛂

Freelance licence or agreement in a partner fleet 📝

"It's chill. You take your bag and go. There's no point to rush, because it won't cook the meal faster. You keep a clear head, just looking forward to how customers greet you. Time flies on the job - I wake up, snap fingers and it's night again."


"If I compare Wolt to my previous job, now I have a family and two kids and it's much easier to maintain a healthy work-life balance. I'm my own boss and can decide about my priorities."


"I'm able to make 35-40 deliveries per day, so I can earn well. I was most scared about getting the freelance license and doing deliveries in city traffic, but soon I found out it's absolutely fine."


Wolt Partner App 📱

With the Wolt Partner app you will be able to accept orders. Thanks to a smart algorithm, courier partners are able to earn efficiently, as orders and routes are constantly optimized.

Everything you need can be found in the app, from statistics, finances, insurance, contacting support or a link to the courier FAQ page.

You may download the courier partner app on these links below:

Sign up today and you’ll hit the road in no time!

Frequently asked questions 💡

About Wolt 💙

We're a technology company from Finland, best known for our food delivery app. We are one of the fastest-growing delivery companies in the world. We deliver from Germany to Japan. Our journey in the Czech Republic started in Prague in 2018, since then we have expanded to 14 other cities. We are looking for people who want to earn flexibly by doing deliveries, making every city a better place to live. Over 4,000 courier partners are already helping us deliver not only food 🍔 , but also groceries 🛍️ , flowers 💐 , cosmetics 💄 and other retail goods.