Add on-demand delivery to your app or website using supported integration partners

Plug & play checkout solution for your e-comm store

Using Wolt Drive integration partners

Collaborate with supported middleware partners or plug-ins to quickly and easily connect with the Wolt courier partner network – directly from your website or app.

Looking to add Wolt Drive to your e-comm store?

Plug & Play

Offer your customers on-demand express deliveries with ready-made integrations to multiple POS, online ordering and e-comm platforms.

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Easy to operate

See new orders and track deliveries in real-time, all from the Wolt Drive dashboard.


Is connecting through middleware or integration partners the right solution for me?

If you are looking to partner (or already partnering) with a Wolt Drive supported middleware provider or plug-in solution, using them to connect your website or app to Wolt would be the simplest way to unlock on-demand, express deliveries for your business.

How do I connect my online store to Wolt Drive through integration partners?

For plug-ins: simply add the Wolt Drive app to your website through your e-comm platform provider. For middleware partners: If you are already using Wolt for your business, reach out to your Wolt account manager. If you are new to Wolt, fill in your information here and let us know which integrated partner you wish to use with Wolt Drive.

How will the checkout process look like for my online customers?

The exact user flow might change depending on your online ordering provider and the way they have integrated Wolt Drive into their offering.

Getting started with your store is fast and easy

Wolt Drive is available for any merchant, even if you aren’t on the Wolt app

Convenient last-mile deliveries, no matter what you sell. From small to big businesses and everything in between – let’s talk about your delivery needs.