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Introduce your store to a huge customer base on the Wolt App – offering delivery or pickup to new and existing customers.

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Offer delivery and pickup

Open a new revenue stream and offer pickup and delivery on Wolt, with our courier partners or your own drivers.

Access big spenders

Tap into Wolt+ subscribers—customers who order more frequently and spend more per order.

Keep track of your business

Use our admin tool to track business performance – gaining valuable insights to further boost sales.

How it works?

A customer browses the Wolt app and places an order from your store. The order appears in the Merchant App for you to complete. Once packed and ready, a courier partner will arrive to pick up the order and deliver the goods to the customer. In total, it takes about 30 minutes for the customer to receive and enjoy their order.

Reach Wolt+ subscribers

Increase sales by tapping into Wolt+ customers: loyal subscribers who order more frequently than other Wolt customers. If you’re signed up to Wolt+, your store will be promoted to Wolt+ customers and featured in dedicated placements on the Wolt App.

Offer more flexibility with Pickup

Become a neighborhood favorite by offering a pickup option for local customers. Once your business page is created, customers near you can find your venue and place orders they pick up themselves.

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"Simple, reliable and service-minded. Those are the qualities that makes Wolt the best food delivery service around right now!"

Serhan Stojanov & Viktor Hodell

Co-foundersKale & Crave

"Wolt is always quick to support and help. If we need to get in contact, they are always easy to reach through both email and iPad."

Nikita Jönsson

Restaurant manager,Brödernas

"What's good about Wolt is that they are there for me when I need them. When we call, they are there. Even the guests say that they are happy with how easy they are to reach if help is needed."

Lap Bui

OwnerStreet Kitchen

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