Fuel for enterprise-scale companies

Wolt for Work lets you feed employees and create a thriving work environment at your growing company, nationally and even globally.

Your all-in-one delivery platform

Operate more efficiently with one platform for all your food and office needs – easily invoiced and reported.

Hands-on support

Our account managers help you onboard, setup and use the platform.

Committed to the environment

We're mindful about our impact on the local communities and the environment – and we take actions with purpose together with our partners.

Get a dedicated account manager for ongoing support

From day one, you’ll have access to a dedicated account manager to help you set up your admin portal, create custom meal policies, and ensure your team gets the most out of Wolt for Work.

Easily create and manage your team’s meal plan

With Wolt for Work, you can manage your employee and team’s meal budgets and review all expenses in one easy-to-use dashboard. Set recurring and one-time budgets. Customize when and where budgets are available.

Built-in privacy and security

Wolt operates in accordance with the GDPR and all applicable privacy and security laws. We’ve undergone a rigorous process with an independent auditor to demonstrate that we're worthy of our customers trust and to verify that our ISMS is set up according to globally recognized best practices.

More about security and compliance at Wolt here.

Streamline your finance with centralized billing

Close your books faster with centralized billing. When employees place an order, we invoice your corporate account. No one needs to chase down receipts or file expense reports. It all happens automatically.

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