Say hello to Wolt Rewards

Earn points with every order! Complete challenges, level up and unlock exclusive discounts on Wolt.

Get started with Wolt Rewards

Collect points with every order

Earning points is easy. Order food, groceries, and more from your favorite restaurants and stores, and watch your points grow! You can redeem points for purchases and discounts right here on Wolt.

Complete challenges for bonus points

Discover exciting new challenges every month, from placing your first order to trying selected venues and keeping up your ordering streak. Each completed challenge leads to more points!

Level up for even bigger rewards

There are levels to this game. Reach milestones to progress through levels, unlock new challenges and earn points faster than before!

How does Wolt Rewards work?

Place orders

Log in to your Wolt account and place orders with your favorite restaurants and stores.

Earn points

Collect points with every delivery and complete challenges for bonus points.

Redeem rewards

Transform points into discounts and start saving on your next Wolt deliveries!

Level up

Climb levels for bigger and better rewards. Unlock new challenges and earn points faster as you level up.

Let's start earning!