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Partner with Wolt and serve customers where they're already shopping.

Why partner with us?

Be where your next customer is

By partnering with Wolt, you can grow your retail business by tapping into our online audience. And, if you already have an online store, connect it with Wolt to offer quick delivery on demand.

Grow your reach in the city

With Wolt, you can expand the physical reach of your store. You can easily serve customers in a radius of up to 5 km from your location.

Creating better cities, together

Wolt's mission is to make cities better places. This is why we’re mindful about our impact on the local communities and the environment – and we take actions with purpose together with our partners.

How Wolt works

Once a customer places an order, you get notified in the Wolt merchant app. Your staff collects the items using our picking app – Wolt Merchant App Lite. Your staff scans the items for checkout on your POS. A Wolt courier partner delivers the order from your store to the customer, quickly and reliably.

Getting started

We'll assist you to set up and upload your items on Wolt. We handle customer support, refunds, and the backend of payments, including fraud prevention. Together with our extensive last-mile logistics experience, you can focus on growing your business.

Merchant App Lite saves time

Time is valuable. That’s why we tailor-made this app to save 2-3 minutes per order. With support for item substitutions, weighted items and adjusted invoices, the Merchant App Lite also reduces mistakes by up to 50%.

Getting started is easy – sign up today

Sign up and get the most out of Wolt. Just fill in a few details about your business and you’ll be all set in no time.

  • Launch your own promotional campaigns

    Convert more app visitors into shoppers and increase visibility with self-funded promotions like free delivery, discounts and specials.

  • Use data to drive e-commerce

    Gain access to category benchmarks and performance reports to help improve your understanding of your customers and business.

  • Maximize your potential

    With Wolt, you can generate new sales without hiring more people or expanding to new locations. Using your existing resources, you can see your revenue and profit increase.

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