Upgrade any company event with Wolt food delivery

Send a meal voucher to employees and clients for one-time corporate occasions.

Flexible one-time meal vouchers


Set event details

Select the voucher value and the date range. Vouchers can be created for individuals or in bulk.


Add recipients

Enter information of employees, clients, and others receiving a meal.


Share and track spend

Share seamlessly via email. Track the usage and pay for redeemed vouchers only.

Cater any event

Organize office parties, virtual events, client meetings or team workshops with ease. Any event, both online or offline can be catered using the Wolt for Work "Events" feature.

Set up in minutes

Creating a new event and inviting attendees takes only a few minutes. You can track the usage status of each attendee as well as for the entire event. And with all event orders going under one single invoice, you also save time and effort processing invoices.

Organize better events, without exceeding budget

No need to try and fit everyone's tastes. With individual event vouchers, attendees can order what they like to eat, while you only pay for what guests spend, and know you will not exceed the event budget.

Getting started is easy

Sign up for Wolt for Work in minutes. Deliver happiness to your workplace.

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