Wolt Ads for Brands

Stand out to the millions of Wolt customers ready to buy your products.

What are Wolt Ads for Brands?

Wolt Ads for brands is an advertising platform offering high visibility for your brand, business or products across our app and beyond.

Reach a ready-to-buy audience

Backed by insights, you reach your exact audience at the exact moment that’s relevant for them.

From Awareness through to Purchase

Your message gets delivered to the right people, at the right time.

Moving from digital to physical

Get closer to your customers with our offline assets like branded bags, sampling and vehicle advertising.

Discover our advertising tools

Get actionable insights for

smarter planning

Let Data guide your strategy towards rapid growth, with actionable analytics. Category, Brand & Shopper related insights at your fingertips for strategic planning.

Wolt Ads

outside our app

Connect with shoppers who are searching and buying products relevant to your brand.

Target specific audiences with your own adverts, displayed on our Instagram, Google and TikTok accounts, and also via our programmatic display solutions. Drive these audience directly to your products on the app, so users can buy them immediately.

Wolt Ads

In-App advertsing

Be seen across the most visible Wolt ad surfaces – like discovery, search and product rankings. It’s a great way to bring your business, brand or products into focus when it matters most.

Products include banners, sponsored product listings and owned media communications such as emails and text messages.

Wolt Ads

Offline Advertising

From the digital to the physical – get even closer to your target customers with engaging product packaging, branded bags and hyper-targeted sampling. Delivered straight to their homes.

Are you a global enterprise looking for a

Personalized Service?

With your own global partnership manager, you will get relevant category, product and customer insights to make better investment decisions.

You will also have multi-country access to new product technology and commercial initiatives to build a joint business plan.

Ads that deliver

Bring attention to your brand

100% of our partner brands have improved their visibility in the Wolt app by 2X or more.

Wolt Ads are engaging and relevant

100% of our Ads are shown to the users that are most relevant to your product based on their preferences.

It all ads up

Partner brands have achieved over 70% uplift in Sales with Wolt Ads.

Wolt Ads unique activations

From awareness to consideration to purchase – your message gets delivered to the right people, at the right time.

We help brands to grow and thrive

"Wolt consistently delivers speed of service and demonstrates a proactive approach in testing & learning new ideas.

Their agility and positive attitude contributes meaningfully to our shared success in the industry."

Becoming a trusted Kraft Heinz Partner– Eleana, Kraft Heinz

"Our partnership with Wolt has been very successful. Investing in advertising and growth opportunities through Wolt Partner Services has resulted in exceptional sales growth and customer loyalty. In this way, it can offer unparalleled success and growth opportunities to other brands."

Unilever Ice cream Transformative Partnership with Wolt- Grace van den Berg

We started working with Wolt Ads when COVID-19 hit. Soon enough this collaboration would turn out to be a catalyst for our growth and expansion into new markets and new audience who were previously beyond our reach. We believe this partnership will help us further to accelerate our growth and unlock new possibilities in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

Helping Danone's expansion into new markets-Viktoria, Danone

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