Wolt for Work – eating at the office done right

The easiest way to get company food orders invoiced

Easily order great food to the office from nearby restaurants. Set up meal policies for teams. Get invoiced monthly.

Office managers will love it

Save time and effort. Teams can order together for late evening crunches. Scheduled deliveries arrive on time for specific meetings.

Have full visibility and control over your company's orders in one place.

Easily set up rules for teams

Give food budgets. Set times when teams can order food. Choose addresses for delivery orders. Teams can order and track their food in real-time through Wolt app or wolt.com.

Save a ton of time

Do less with Wolt for Work. It’s the simplest way to manage company food expenses, and your team will have the most flexible experience ordering food.

Monthly invoicing

Teams and employees use their own company payment methods – invoices come in once a month.

Account management

We’ll have an actual human being ready to help with anything you might need.

Fast support

Questions about your food orders? Our online chat is always available during our delivery hours.

The best food, delivered

Get whatever you feel like having, delivered to the office.

How it works

Set up a company account Decide how teams can order food and start inviting people to Wolt for Work. Make orders Employees can order alone, or you can order for everyone. Track orders Follow your orders live in the Wolt app or wolt.com. Company's past orders can be viewed in the admin portal. Pay monthly Get invoiced and pay for all company orders once a month.

Organize food for virtual events

Send food voucher to your event attendees with a few clicks. Easily manage their usage and get invoiced exactly the amount they've used.

What customers say about us

“Wolt for Work is really easy to use. The team quickly helped me get started with invoice payments for several different companies. Ordering is easy, the restaurant selection is good and delivery prices are great. An extra plus is the support chat, which is helpful when colleagues want to make changes to their order.”


“Wolt is our key source of energy, especially when we are working overtime. Wolt has a wide selection of different cuisines and the delivery is always on time with no delays. Drivers are always friendly and customer oriented. Wolt is bliss.”


“Wolt for Work is our trusted room service provider and our guests love it! It gives them the freedom to pick from literally hundreds of restaurants and Wolt takes care of the delivery. Simple and easy!”


“Wolt is really helpful for our meeting catering. We no longer have to spend time getting take-out food from around the city. The service is fast and easy to use."


“Wolt has an excellent selection of restaurants as well as super helpful and fast customer support”


“We have used Wolt for our Helsinki team's lunches for many years. With the recently updated group order function, we can get the whole crew's orders with one delivery to the office - and we can gather to enjoy our lunch at the same time!“





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