Increase orders with promotions

Attract new and repeat customers with promotions that entice them to order and spend more per order.

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Stand out from the crowd

Drive more sales

Merchants using promotions see an uplift of 30-45% during campaign weeks.*

Customize your offers

Choose the best promotion type that best suits your business and customers.

Get discovered

Your business will feature in the most highly visible places across the Wolt app, potentially increasing impressions by up to 150%.*

How it works?

Incentivize new or existing customers to order from your store with a discount, free delivery, or a free item. When you run a promotion, your business will be prominently featured to your target audience in the Offers tab on the Wolt app. Get step-by-step instructions and learn best practices for how to create, customize, and optimize Wolt marketing campaigns.

Explore wolt promotions

  • Discounts for Customers

    Attract new customers or re-engage existing ones with a percentage or amount discount.

  • ₪0 Delivery Fee

    Entice customers by covering the delivery fee when they place an order from your business.

  • Free or Discounted Item

    Increase profits with a free or discounted item from your selection.

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Getting started is easy. Choose the desired campaign type, and we will guide you through the process.

Reach more customers with in-app advertising

Get more people to discover your promotion by running an ad on Wolt. You only pay for ads when an order is placed through it – you aren’t charged for clicks or impressions. 96% of the venues that used Wolt Ads increased their venue visits up to 4x during their campaign period.


* Internal Wolt data, January 2022 to July 2023. Results are averages across partners. Actual results may vary based on campaign setup.