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What do we do?

The Public Policy & Government Relations Team defines Wolt’s vision and positions on regulatory frameworks impacting our partners, our customers, and our platform. Building on that vision, the team leads our engagements with policymakers, authorities, industry associations, and other stakeholders. 

We believe open, transparent, and constructive dialogue between businesses, civil society, and policy makers enables us to learn, improve, and live up to societal expectations and helps policy makers in drafting better laws and regulations. As our business and the broader local commerce platform industry evolve, our goal is to contribute to legal frameworks that facilitate socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable growth of our sector. 

Below you can find out more about our work. 

Fair & flexible platform work

Platform technology and the mobile internet have facilitated the emergence of a completely new type of work, where individuals have an unprecedented level of control over how and when they want to use platforms - such as Wolt - to earn an income. Platform work has enabled unique levels of flexibility for millions of people around the world with very low, often even non-existent, barriers to access work. Self-employed courier partners at Wolt are completely free to choose when to log in to our Courier Partner App to have delivery tasks offered to them; and then to decide which tasks to accept and which to reject.

Wolt is committed to realise the best potential of platform work. We are convinced it brings something new and valuable to the labour market. Our quarterly courier partner surveys consistently show that our partners value our platform and the flexibility that comes through it and are satisfied with the cooperation as well as their earnings when doing deliveries on the Wolt platform.

That said, there are things that platforms and legislators need to improve to ensure flexible and fair platform work. Wolt has always supported and actively called for regulation for platform work. Our vision for the future of platform work is to combine the freedom and flexibility our courier partners want with the protections they deserve. 

Boosting local commerce

Wolt operates a hyper-local commerce platform, partnering with thousands of merchants ranging from your favourite neighbourhood bookshop or flower store, to home electronics or pet stores, as well as larger grocery chains. Every shop you see in your neighborhood can come onto our platform, get an online presence, process digital payments and benefit from pick-up and delivery by one of our courier partners. 

In order to strengthen local economies, we are committed to facilitating additional sales channels online thereby expanding the reach of local businesses in their communities and help them find new customers.

Revolutionising convenience

Wolt is operating its own supermarkets called Wolt Market. Wolt Market is a new and innovative way of buying groceries online and get them delivered in around 30 minutes. 

Wolt Market improves the local food offering by providing additional choices including a wide selection of healthy and organic options. It is a convenient and time-saving way to buy everyday necessities. It is also a low-barrier shopping experience making it easy for the elderly, people with disabilities or sick people to buy what they need. 

Deliveries are mostly made by bike which replace car trips that would otherwise have been done by residents themselves driving to the supermarket.

Wolt Markets offer new channels and resources for merchants to thrive by providing them with an online presence extending their reach to new customers, connect residents to the best in their neighborhoods, and provide new opportunities for those who earn with our platform.

Digital is our DNA

Wolt was founded by six friends in 2014, five of them had a product or tech background, which ended up being a foundational element in our company’s DNA. To this date, we continue to be very tech-focused. 

As a tech company, digital tools, or algorithms, play a vital part in the delivery process and facilitate millions of decisions everyday. To help bridge the gap between policymakers, platform workers, merchants, and consumers, we need to make information about these tools more accessible. Besides sharing more information on how the technology behind our platform works, we need to involve all relevant partners in the conversations about its future. That’s why we launched the ‘Demystifying Tech’ workshop series, which provides policymakers with an opportunity to hear directly from Wolt’s product team about the technology they are building.

Wolt's Public Policy Team

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Samuel Laurinkari

VP of Global Public

Olli Koski

Public Policy Director -

Laurin Sepoetro

Director of Public Policy - DE, AT, LU, CEE and

Omri Sheinfeld

Head of Public Policy and Communications -

Robert Torvelainen

Head of Public Policy - EU &

Fabian Ladda-Henry

Sr Public Policy Manager - Local

Ylwa Rein

Sr Public Policy Manager - Strategy &

Yoko Yokouchi

Sr Public Policy Manager -

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Public Policy Manager -

Emmi Piippo

Public Policy Analyst -

Veronika Bush

Head of Public Policy -

Natalia Jaliashvili

Public Policy Manager - Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan,

Akis Stamoulis

Communications & Public Policy Manager - Mediterranean