Don't get wrapped up

As a key partner to many restaurants in Sweden, we recognize that packaging waste from takeaway orders is an important part of our shared global impact. Here at Wolt, we’re on a mission to make cities better and that means working together to help minimize our waste from take-away, wherever possible. This year, avoid getting wrapped up with fines and reporting requirements by joining one of our key reusable partners, today!

What is reusable package?

Reusable packaging is packaging that is designed to be reused more than 50 times. Unlike single use products, reusable containers have been shown to better protect take away orders (e.g. fewer spills) and maintain heat temperatures for longer. They're just better products, but their environmental benefits only kick-in after they have been reused a few times.

If you sell more than 150 take-away meals per day in Sweden, starting on January 1, 2024, you must at least offer your consumers with the choice of a reusable container. If you don't comply with these new regulations, you could face up to SEK10,000 in fines from the The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

You can learn more about the new packaging regulations here.

Reusable packaging made easy with Wolt

With more than 2 years and 6 countries worth of experience implementing reusable programmes for our customers, we know what it takes to make a reusable programme successful. That's why we've welcomed two of our key partners to start working in Sweden. Joining a programme is easy and has many benefits. Check out their offers below.

  • Work with Vytal

    With amazing experience in more than 7 countries, the Vytal system offers partner restaurants with a wide variety of reusable solutions to fit almost all your needs. Get started today from just SEK300 per month per location.

  • Work with &Repeat

    With an existing customer base in Sweden and great experience from Finland, &Repeat offers partner restaurants with several options starting from SEK350 per month per location.

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