How Wolt’s search works

How Wolt’s search works

Wolt’s search is designed to help you quickly and easily find products and services that are relevant for you. Here you can find information on why particular search results are shown to you.

Note that Wolt has two search features that work a bit differently: the global search on the Wolt app and the website and the in-venue search for a particular restaurant or a store.

Global search

The global search is available on the navigation bar in the Wolt app or through the search bar on the website. The global search lets you search the entire Wolt platform for products, services and venues.

When you enter a search, we match your search with our index of merchants and products. To give you the most relevant search results, we prioritize search results based on your delivery address or current location, if this information is available and you have allowed us to use it.

By default, the results are sorted by “Recommended”, which is based on several data points like venue opening times, venue distance or venue popularity and applies them by utilizing particular algorithms or business rules. For example, venues that match your search query, but are not open, will be displayed at the bottom of the search results along with venues located further away from you. You can order search results with filter options, such as delivery price and venue rating. 

The order of your search results may also be affected by paid placement. In this case, such results will be marked as promoted results.

With your consent, we also save your search history and suggest searches you’ve used in the past. If you want to get rid of your search history, you can withdraw your consent, log out of the app or clear previous searches manually.

In-venue search

The  in-venue search allows you to search for items only available at a particular venue. We match your search with the product titles, descriptions, and categories. The results you see are shown in order of appearance in the venue’s product list.

Again, the order of your search results may also be affected by paid placement.