Minimizing our waste footprint

We’re introducing a packaging program that allows all our restaurant partners to have access to sustainable packaging at affordable prices. We’re also finding ways to significantly reduce the waste we generate through our own offices and stores. Check out some of our current projects below.

Goodbye to unwanted single use utensils

Single-use utensils like knives, forks and napkins are great if you're eating take-away food in the park. But the reality is that most of our deliveries are to homes where customers don't need (and in many cases don't actually want) the extra waste. That's why we're working hard with our amazing developers to make this the default "opt-out" option for every order. That doesn't mean our customers can't get single-use items, it just means that they’ll have to select them when they order.

Reusable packaging for all of our customers

While packaging is important for keeping take-away meals safe and warm, they can be a big problem for our environment and oceans. They are also not the most efficient use of our natural resources. That’s why we’re working with more than nine reusable packaging partners in six countries to give customers the chance to lighten their waste footprint. 

By recycling, reducing and reusing packaging, we can make big steps towards closing the waste loop and limiting our impact on oceans.

Recycling our courier gear, responsibly

Courier partners are constantly on the move delivering goods and meals to customers. That also means that they tend to go through a lot of gear due to wear and tear. In 2022, we partnered with an innovative company called Tarprec to responsibly recycle our bags in 12 countries.

Through Tarprec, our bags are collected and shipped to Denmark where they are dismantled and responsibly recycled. Up to 96% of the waste from our bags is diverted from landfill and repurposed in new products such as road signs and stuffing. As we learn from this program, we will work to expand it to other countries or develop specific local solutions that meet our needs.

Working to end food waste from Wolt Markets

With more than 100 grocery stores in 12 countries, our “foodprint” – e.g. the food waste from our Wolt Market stores – can be significant at times.

In Denmark we are piloting a food donation program. Rather than simply throwing this food out, which is perfectly edible, we’re partnering with an organization called Stop Spild Lokalt to donate it to people in need, including the homeless and refugees. This program has been rolled out nationally and we’re looking to run similar programs in more countries.

Being open and honest

Transparency with our customers, partners, and other people we touch means that we can learn from each other and get to our end goal faster. As part of our sustainability efforts, we’re committed to sharing our lessons, successes, and even our failures. Want to chat? Email the Wolt Sustainability team.