Wolt+ Subscription Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern your purchase of a Wolt+ membership that renews automatically and includes specific benefits and discounts defined in the Wolt Service (hereinafter “Subscription” or “Wolt+”). The Subscription is subject to these Wolt+ Subscription Terms and our User Terms of Service which are incorporated herein by reference. Partner, Order, User, Customer Organization, Wolt and Wolt Service are defined in the User Terms of Service and have the same meaning as defined in the User Terms of Service.

If you have a Wolt for Work Account and a Wolt+ Subscription that is granted to you by the Customer Organization (“Corporate Wolt+ Subscription”), these terms and conditions also apply to the Customer Organization with respect to Corporate Wolt+ Subscription.

By purchasing the Subscription, you expressly accept these Subscription Terms. By purchasing the Subscription, you represent furthermore that you received separate and explicit information on the special conditions of these Subscription Terms (indicated with italics), and that you expressly accept such conditions.

Identity of Wolt:

  • The Subscription (i.e. Wolt+ service) is provided by Wolt Magyarország Kft. (registered seat: 1085 Budapest, Salétrom utca 4. földszint, Hungary; business ID: 01-09-322693; VAT ID: 26296702-2-42; registered with the Metropolitan Tribunal of Registration; hereinafter “Wolt”).

  • Trade name: “Wolt",

  • Email address: support@wolt.com.

  • Hosting provider: Wolt Enterprises Oy (address: FI-00100 Helsinki, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21.; e-mail address: support@wolt.com).

The place of operation and complaint handling correspond to the registered seat of Wolt.


Wolt+ in a nutshell:

Wolt+ is an automatically renewing membership program requiring recurring payments of a subscription fee. With the Subscription, the User can receive specific benefits and discounts defined in the Wolt Service or in other communication channels from time to time and can be used for Orders placed by the User through the Wolt Service. As a permanent benefit of the Subscription, Wolt arranges the deliveries of the Orders placed within the Subscription in a way that the User does not have to pay delivery fee to the Courier Partners for such deliveries. For this purpose, Wolt takes over of the User’s delivery fee debt towards the Courier Partners for such deliveries.

The Subscription is applicable for Partners marked with the W+ logo in the Wolt Service. If your Order does not meet the minimum basket size subtotal or you are outside the maximum delivery distance calculated between the Partner’s venue and your delivery address (“Delivery Range”), you will not be eligible to receive the benefit of zero delivery fee or benefits and discounts with your Subscription.

The Subscription will renew automatically after the expiration of your monthly or yearly payment period unless you cancel the Subscription. You can cancel anytime in your user profile in the Wolt Service in accordance with these Subscription Terms.

The Subscription is offered for a monthly or a yearly fee payable at the start of the relevant subscription period.

The Subscription is applicable only in the country where you have purchased it.

By buying the Subscription or by using the Subscription you agree to these Wolt+ Terms and Conditions (Subscription Terms) and the specific terms in effect detailed in the Wolt Service about the Subscription. You also agree to have your payment method charged monthly or yearly, depending on your Subscription term, in every billing cycle on a recurring basis during the term of your Subscription. The conditions of the Subscription are subject to change so please make sure you check the current details of the Subscription in the Wolt Service and in Wolt+ Terms and Conditions in effect.

The benefits granted with the Subscription are applicable for Orders placed with eligible restaurants and stores with a minimum subtotal amount defined below in these terms. Subscription benefits may be redeemed only at eligible Partners, as indicated in the Wolt Service. Wolt reserves the right to change the Partners that are eligible for the Subscription benefits at any time with or without notice. Subscription benefits are subject to geographic availability, and fees such as service fee, taxes or other fees may apply to your Order. With the Subscription, User is eligible to receive deliveries with no delivery fee within the distance range defined below at select restaurants and stores and other benefits as defined by Wolt from time to time in the Wolt Service. Partners that are included in the Subscription program are marked with a W+ logo in the Wolt Service. Look for the W+ sign next to the Partner’s name to see with which Partners you can enjoy Wolt+ benefits. Additional details on the Subscription are available in the checkout before you purchase the Subscription in the Wolt Service and will include important terms, such as where and when the Wolt+ Subscription may be used, the available benefit(s), the cost and the billing interval of the Wolt+ Subscription. Please review the details of the Wolt+ Subscription in the Wolt Service before purchase.

You are able to view and manage your Subscription by tapping the tab Wolt+ in your user profile in the Wolt Service. You can see and manage the settings including payment method, membership end date, next payment date and country where your Subscription is in force through your user profile.

If you want to activate your Corporate Wolt+ Subscription or change your current Wolt+ subscription to Corporate Wolt+ Subscription provided by the Customer Organization, you must have a Wolt for Work Account and change the payment method of the Wolt+ Subscription on the Wolt App, as per the relevant instructions provided by Wolt and/or Customer Organization. It’s possible to update your personal Wolt+ Subscription to a Corporate Wolt+ Subscription after your existing Wolt+ Subscription period ends.

By taking Corporate Wolt+ Subscription into use, the Customer Organization understands and acknowledges that it has full responsibility for its employer obligations and tax compliance, including tax implications to its employees that use the Corporate Wolt+ feature. Wolt takes no responsibility for any tax or other obligations that concern the Customer Organization and its employees.


You can purchase Wolt+ directly in the Wolt Service or start your free trial as applicable in the Wolt Service by clicking on the Wolt+ banner on the opening screen of Wolt (app and website), you will be taken to the registration page. After that, on the registration page, click on the button called "Get Wolt+". You must then enter your card details and accept the General Terms and Conditions. You need to click the button on the page to complete the process. After that, the Subscription is activated.

You can see details of your Subscription (including the subscription fee) in the Wolt Service and choose payment method before confirming the purchase of Wolt+. The subscription fee includes all costs regarding your Subscription itself for the monthly or yearly payment cycle. For clarity, certainly, you have to pay the prices and fees charged for the Orders themselves by the Partners or by Wolt, including also the service fee, unless you are expressly exempted from any price or fee due to your Subscription in these Subscription Terms or otherwise by Wolt. Before subscribing all relevant data can be seen on the checkout page. Wolt thus provides the possibility for you to identify and correct input errors through efficient and accessible technical tools prior to subscribing to Wolt+.

You can buy the Subscription for a month (30-day period) or a year, and you will be billed in advance on the basis of your subscription period. When you buy the Subscription, you'll be charged the subscription fee for your first billing cycle on the date of purchase, which activates Wolt+ for the term detailed in your user profile.

The billing cycle is based on the initial purchase date of the Subscription and the payment method you selected when purchasing the Subscription will be charged in accordance with the monthly or yearly payment cycle. You can change your payment method in the Wolt+ tab in your user profile. If you do not want Wolt Subscription to automatically renew, you can cancel your Subscription in accordance with Section 4 below. If you have a Corporate Wolt+ Subscription, your billing cycle will be in accordance with the terms of Customer Organization and your Corporate Wolt+ Subscription may also be cancelled by the Customer Organization.

If we are unable to process your payment, Wolt will ask you to select a different payment method. If your payment fails during the recurring payment cycle, we reserve the right to terminate your Subscription automatically or to charge the subscription fee after a pre-defined period retroactively calculated from the original payment cycle start date.

We may offer some Users a free trial or other promotional subscriptions to the Wolt+ Subscription. Free trials may be limited in Wolt’s sole discretion, including based on eligibility or duration of free trial. If you are offered free trial, you are required to add a payment method for the Subscription before starting the free trial.

We will automatically renew your Subscription after the free trial and charge the payment method you chose when starting the free trial. You can cancel the Subscription anytime through your user settings in the Wolt Service. If the Subscription is ever terminated for any reason, you shall not be eligible for a free trial on any subsequent Subscription. Wolt hereby informs you that the contract with Wolt for the Subscription does not qualify as a written contract. The Subscription is saved and thus recorded to your Wolt profile which is accessible later on as well. Otherwise, Wolt does not file such contracts.

The aforementioned contract with Wolt can be entered into on the official languages of the Wolt Service (i.e. both Wolt App and Wolt website): Azerbaijani, Danish, German, Estonian, English, Croatian, Kazakh, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Serb, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Georgian, Japanese.

Wolt is subject to a Code of Conduct issued by its parent company DoorDash, Inc.


Your Subscription is for personal use and only natural person consumers are eligible to purchase Wolt+, while legal persons are not eligible to purchase Wolt+, unless otherwise indicated in these Wolt+ Terms and Conditions. The Subscription is applicable in the country where the User or the Customer Organization purchased the membership.

Under the Subscription, you are eligible to receive deliveries with no delivery fee on Orders within a Delivery Range specified below. You will only see the Partners eligible for Wolt+ that are within the applicable Delivery Range in the Wolt Service. Please note that service fee and other fees as applicable may still apply to your order.

Look for the W+ sign to see which for which Partners the delivery without delivery fee is available close to you. The selection of such partners varies depending on your delivery address. This means that delivery fee applies when you order from Partners that are outside the Delivery Range.

If you have allowed location tracking, you will see Wolt+ Partners within the Delivery Range from your current location. If you have not allowed location tracking or indicated a delivery address in the Wolt Service, you will see venues within the Delivery Range in the center of your current city.

The eligibility of zero delivery cost applies to you when your Order fulfills a minimum basket size applicable for the Partner. You can see the applicable minimum basket size below in the end of these Subscription Terms. Please note that if you are a subscriber but your Order does not meet the minimum basket subtotal, delivery fee applies.


You can cancel your Subscription in the course of the day preceding the renewal date of your Subscription at the latest, otherwise your Subscription will be renewed for the concerned payment cycle. You can cancel your Subscription in the manage membership menu of Wolt+ tab in your user profile in the Wolt Service or as agreed separately with the Customer Organization.

If you cancel your Subscription, you will still have access to the benefits within Wolt+ until the end of the ongoing payment cycle that you have paid for. All monthly and yearly payments are non-refundable and non-transferable and will not be refunded for any cancellation initiated during a billing cycle. If you cancel during the free trial period, the Subscription will be terminated immediately.

If you participated in a free trial or other promotional subscription period for Wolt+, you may cancel within the first 48 hours of your paid Wolt+ subscription and receive a full refund of your Wolt+ subscription fee.

For both monthly and annual subscribers, if you cancel your Wolt+ subscription within the first 48 hours after purchasing the Subscription and have not placed a Wolt+-eligible Order during that period, Wolt may, in its sole discretion, refund your entire subscription fee (instead of the pro rata subscription fee, see below). For avoiding misunderstandings, the previous provision is only applicable for the first purchase of the Subscription, and it is not applicable for automatic renewal periods.

Special right of withdrawal and cancelation within 14 days after the first purchase of the Subscription:

Irrespective of the above general rules for cancelation of your Subscription, you are entitled to withdraw your Subscription within 14 days after purchasing Wolt+ without having to justify it. By purchasing Wolt+ you require Wolt to commence the provision of Wolt+ service before the above deadline for withdrawal lapses, and acknowledge that after the service provision is fully performed you are not entitled to practice your right of withdrawal. Nevertheless, once the provision of Wolt+ service by Wolt is commenced, instead of withdrawal, you are entitled to cancel your Subscription within 14 days after purchasing Wolt+ without having to justify it. The right of withdrawal/cancelation lapses 14 days after purchasing Wolt+. If you participated in a free trial for Wolt+, the right of withdrawal/cancelation lapses 14 days after the free trial expired and thus you have to pay for Wolt+ service.

The right of this withdrawal/cancelation can be exercised by way of sending your unambiguous declaration on same to Wolt (e.g. in email or by postal mail), to Wolt’s address/email address set out in top of these Subscription Terms. For making this declaration you can also use the below template.

The right of withdrawal/cancelation is exercised within the deadline if you send it before the above deadline lapses.

For avoiding misunderstandings, these provisions are applicable only for the first purchase of the Subscription, and they are not applicable for the automatic renewal periods.

Legal effect of the above special right of withdrawal/cancelation:

If you withdraw your Subscription, we will refund the entire consideration you paid (i.e. your subscription fee) to you without delay but within 14 days from the receipt of your declaration on withdrawal. We will apply the same payment method for the refund you applied for purchasing Wolt+, unless you expressly consent to other payment method (no additional costs will be charged on you even in case of application this other payment method).

Since by purchasing Wolt+ you require Wolt to commence the provision of Wolt+ service before the deadline for withdrawal lapses, in case you cancel your Subscription, you have to reimburse the proportionate subscription fee to Wolt until the cancelation of your Subscription. Accordingly, we will refund that part of the subscription fee which exceeds the value of our service provided.


Declaration template for withdrawal/cancelation

Addressee: Wolt Magyarország Kft. (registered seat: 1085 Budapest, Salétrom utca 4. földszint, Hungary; business ID: 01-09-322693)

The undersigned hereby declare that I exercise the right of withdrawal/cancelation with regards to the Wolt+ service I subscribed for:

Date of contract:

Name of consumer:

Address of consumer:

Signature of consumer (only on case of paper-based declaration):




Wolt may modify the terms and contents of the Subscription and these Subscription Terms or stop offering the Wolt Subscription in one or several countries and reserves the right to do so due to e.g. changes in the business environment, changes in technology or similar reasons. However, we will not make changes to the Subscription Terms that have a notable adverse affect on you without giving a minimum of a 45-day prior written notice. Changes increasing your subscription fee are given a 45-day prior written notice. The changes will enter into force automatically after the notice period, but you can cancel your Subscription in accordance with the instructions in Section 4 above. For avoiding misunderstandings, changes of the Partners participating in Wolt+ service do not qualify as amendment of the Subscription Terms.

Wolt is entitled to terminate the Subscription of a User with immediate effect if: (i) the User abuses the Wolt Service or Subscription or causes any harm or detriment to the use of the Wolt Service or the Partners or Wolt or Wolt’s employees; (ii) Wolt has reasonable belief of fraudulent acts by the User when using the Subscription, or (iii) the User otherwise fails to comply with the obligations arising from these Wolt+ Subscription Terms or applicable laws. Wolt reserves the right to withhold already paid Subscription charges if the Subscription is terminated due to a circumstance defined in this section.


Wolt’s privacy statement available here describes our processing of personal data in relation to the Subscription.

The data controller regarding the data processing in relation to the Subscription is Wolt (see its details above in these Subscription Terms).

We will not use or collect any additional personal data from you due to the Subscription, except the fact that you subscribed for Wolt+ and the details of your Subscription plan which includes the subscription fee, payment method, validity time, benefits included and whether a basket size and Delivery Range applies.

Wolt processes the above personal data to be able to offer the Subscription to you under the contract between you and Wolt (i.e. for the Wolt Service). The legal basis of this data processing is your consent to receive marketing messages and notifications from Wolt (Article 6(1)(a) GDPR).

We also use the above personal data to provide you with Wolt+ service you subscribed for, including to enable you to use the benefits of your Subscription and show the status and handle your payments of the Subscription. The legal basis of this data processing is the performance of contract, i.e. your Subscription for Wolt’s Wolt+ service (Article 6(1)(b) GDPR).

If you contact our customer service, we will use the information provided by you to answer your questions or solve your complaint. The legal basis of the data processing regarding your complaints is compliance with legal obligations of Wolt (Article 6(1)(c) GDPR), while the legal basis of the data processing when you contact Wolt for other purposes is the performance of contract, i.e. your Subscription for Wolt’s Wolt+ service (Article 6(1)(b) GDPR). Further information regarding the data processing, such as your rights, are included in Wolt’s Privacy Policy which also applies for this data processing accordingly and can be found here:

Wolt Privacy Statement


Please contact support@wolt.com or reach out to the in-app support without undue delay in case you notice any unauthorized charges on your Subscription payment method or in case you have a complaint with the Subscription. You can also send your complaint in the form of letter to Wolt’s seat (1085 Budapest, Salétrom utca 4. földszint, Hungary).

The Subscription and/or any of its features may be unavailable, inaccurate or interrupted from time to time for a variety of reasons and Wolt is not responsible for such unavailability.

Wolt+ and all the information accessible through it are provided for information purposes only on an "as is" and "as available" basis. We make no warranties, representations, or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to, accuracy or completeness of the Subscription or the availability thereof.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose of the Subscription.

With regards to warranty concerning Wolt+ service, i.e. the Subscription (that is, not the Purchase Agreement or the Delivery Agreement based on your individual Orders in Wolt Service), please find below an exhaustive information notice. Due to the nature of the Wolt+ service, the rules of guarantee and product warranty do not apply.

In what cases can you make use of your warranty rights?

In case of defective performance by Wolt, you can assert a warranty claim against Wolt as per Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code.

What rights do you have based on your warranty claim?

At your discretion, you may assert the following claims:

You may request repair or replacement, except the claim chosen by you is impossible or Wolt would incur unreasonable additional costs compared to other claims. In case you did not request or could not have requested repair or replacement, you may ask for a proportionate reduction of consideration, or, as a last resort, you may withdraw from the Subscription with Wolt.

You are entitled to change the right you claim, but the costs of such change shall be borne by you, unless the change had a good reason or is attributable to Wolt.

In what deadline may you assert your warranty claim?

You are required to disclose to Wolt the defect without delay from discovery, but no later than within 2 months. However, please note that you cannot assert your warranty claim after a lapse of 2 years from the performance for the relevant payment cycle by Wolt.

Against whom can you assert your warranty claim?

You can assert your warranty claim against Wolt regarding the Subscription.

What other conditions shall be met for you to assert your warranty claim?

Within 6 months from the performance for the relevant payment cycle by Wolt there are no additional conditions other than the communication of the defect to Wolt, if you prove that Wolt provided to you the defective service. However, after the lapse of 6 months from the performance for the relevant payment cycle by Wolt you shall be required to evidence that the defect discovered by you had been in place already at the time of performance. In case you have a consumer complaint with the Subscription, you are entitled to turn to the consumer protection authority competent based your residence; in Hungary the consumer protection authorities are the government offices. The contact details of the consumer protection authorities can be found on this website:


You may always refer a dispute to the consumer dispute resolution body competent based your residence or the seat of Wolt. The dispute resolution bodies are operated by regional chambers of commerce and industry and are independent bodies professionally. You can get more information about dispute resolution bodies on this website: www.bekeltetes.hu. The dispute resolution body competent based on the seat of Wolt is the Budapest Conciliation Board (Budapesti Békéltető Testület), (address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99., Phone number: +36-1-488-2131, Website: https://bekeltet.bkik.hu/, Email: bekelteto.testulet@bkik.hu).

If you are a consumer domiciled in the EU, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you and Wolt may also use the ODR platform managed by the European Commission to settle disputes. This platform can be found on ec.europa.eu/odr.

In case of court procedures, should a dispute regarding Wolt+ service not be subject to the competence of a court in Budapest or Pest county due to the applicable general rules on competence, Parties stipulate the exclusive jurisdiction of Buda Central District Court (“Budai Központi Kerületi Bíróság”) and Municipal Court of Székesfehérvár (“Székesfehérvári Törvényszék”) depending on their competence. For sake of clarity, if one of the Parties involved in a dispute is a consumer, the aforementioned does not override the consumer-friendly competence rules as set out in the applicable laws.


  • Minimum basket size (for Orders from Restaurant and Retail Partners): HUF 3000

  • Minimum basket size (for Orders from Supermarket Partners): HUF 5000 (you can find the list of Supermarket Partners in Wolt Service – App and website)

  • Maximum delivery distance: 4 kilometres