Earn your Best of Wolt badge. Enjoy more sales.

Best of Wolt is an earned badge reserved only for top-rated restaurants and retailers that have gone above and beyond in their duties. For you, this means more customers and more sales.

Best of Wolt is our stamp of quality - bringing you better visibility and more customers on Wolt.

  • Stamp of quality

    When customers see Best of Wolt they instantly know what they’re getting: high-quality service from a trusted partner.

  • New customers

    Trust builds confidence among new customers – making it more likely they will choose your venue when making a purchase.

  • High visibility

    Best of Wolt venues will be featured in many of the top spots across the Wolt app, increasing visibility for your business. 

How to earn the Best of Wolt badge

Food or goods rating: at least 8.4 on average

Customers can rate their order after they’ve received it. Only the food/goods rating counts toward your Best of Wolt score (five stars is 10 points, four stars is 8 points etc.).

Open for business: >90% of your scheduled hours

Customers expect to be able to reliably order from your venue during its opening times. Best of Wolt venues are open for business during at least 90% of their scheduled opening times.

Order rejections: less than 1% of orders

Rejections are orders that you missed (auto-rejection) or had to decline due to unavailable items or other reasons. Best of Wolt venues reject fewer than 1% of orders.

Missing and incorrect items: less than 0.5% of items

These orders are counted if the customer receiving the order contacted Wolt due to there being missing or incorrect items and then Wolt had to issue a refund for this.

The details

Each of these numbers will be assessed on the first day of every month based on orders for the previous three months. For example, between November 1 and November 30 venues will be shown as Best of Wolt if they’ve met the criteria outlined above for orders taken between August and October of that year. 

Venues qualify if they had at least 50 orders during this three-month period. Best of Wolt is currently available in Denmark in the cities of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Lyngby-Gentofte, Aalborg and Vestegnen.

Wolt may unilaterally change the criteria by updating this page and sharing the updated criteria here. Wolt also reserves the right to discontinue the Best of Wolt program at any time without notice.

Check your status

Do you want to know if you’ve reached the Best of Wolt level or if you’re on track to reach it next month? Just head over to Wolt for Merchants and select “Best of Wolt”.

Want to become a Best of Wolt venue, but the numbers aren’t quite there yet? Here are our top tips:

How can I improve my rating?

If your rating isn’t what you had hoped, most likely there’s some room improvement. You should regularly review your Past Orders in the Merchant App – filtering purchases with a lower-than-expected rating. Read through any comments to see where improvements can be made.

How can I avoid order rejections?

Firstly, make sure you don’t miss any orders (“auto-rejection”). Place your tablet in a good spot where you can hear the sound and can easily see when an order has arrived. Check the sound is on and that you have a good internet connection. Please note, you need to accept new orders within 3 minutes to avoid them being automatically rejected. Secondly, try to avoid rejections due to unavailable items. Check regularly if you have all ingredients and products in stock. If something is missing, use the Merchant App Menu Editor to disable the affected items or mark them as ”sold out”. This way customers cannot order unavailable items and will not be disappointed when you have to reject the order. Remember to enable them again after you’ve restocked. If you still get caught out, you can call the customer and offer an alternative. If you’re a grocery retailer managing a larger order, you can also deliver the other items and mark individual items as missing. Thirdly, try to avoid rejections due to you being too busy. If you get unexpectedly busy, make sure to close your venue on Wolt for this time (using the Merchant App) – as this ensures you don’t get orders during this busy period. If this happens regularly at specific times of the day, consider updating your opening hours. Fourthly, try to avoid rejections at the end of the business day. Make sure your opening hours on Wolt reflect your delivery times (not the time your venue is open). If you cannot deliver orders after a certain time, make this your scheduled closing time.

How can I improve my online time?

Best of Wolt venues are generally open for orders when their venue is within its regular opening times on Wolt. If, for some reason, you often find that you need to close your venue for a while, consider changing your regular opening hours (Wolt Customer Support can help you with this). Also, make sure you’re not unintentionally closed. Check the Wolt Merchant App and confirm that you have a good internet connection and that your status is “Open”.

How can I avoid missing or incorrect items?

Best of Wolt venues often have a process for double checking the items ordered when they pack. A good way to do this is to take the receipt printout and use a pen to check off each item. Drinks and sides or dips are most often forgotten. If you plan to add them later, double check the receipt and confirm everything is ticked off before handing the bag to the courier. Many merchants also find it helpful to assign a dedicated space for order preparation and packing and to label orders with multiple bags to make sure the courier picks up the entire order. Finally, as a grocery retailer, using barcode scanning is a great way to reduce picking errors (on average merchants reduce missing and incorrect items by half once they start using barcode scanning). Contact your Wolt account manager if this is an option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions