Wolt Merchant Admin Portal Terms and Conditions for Self-Serve Campaigns- Israel

You as Wolt’s Merchant Partner accept these Wolt Merchant Admin Portal Terms and Conditions for Self-Serve Campaigns (“Campaign Terms”) by clicking to create a campaign in the Merchant Admin Portal with the available self-serve tools (“Portal”). You represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind the Merchant to these Campaign Terms.

These Campaign Terms are part of your Service Agreement with Wolt concerning your presence on the Wolt marketplace platform as a Merchant (“Main Agreement”) and govern the use of the online advertising self-serve tools that Wolt makes available to you within the Portal.

1. Self-serve campaigns

  1. Wolt may offer various options for promotional campaigns in the Portal for the Partner to choose from, such as Free Delivery, Basket Discount, Item Discount and Ads campaigns. The campaigns are intended to be purchased by the Partner from Wolt by using self-serve tools made available to the Partner for the purpose of promoting the Partner’s offering on the Wolt platform.

  2. Different campaign options that are available to you are presented and described within the Portal and these General Terms. Wolt may modify or discontinue the Portal and campaign options at any time.

  3. To place an order for a campaign (“Order”), you will select the type of campaign you want to purchase and fill in the required data fields indicated in the Portal, such as your campaign budget and start and end dates (collectively, “Input”). You are responsible for checking the correctness of your Input. Only authorized representatives of each Merchant shall place Orders for campaigns in the Portal.

  4. The campaign duration should be determined based on how long you estimate the planned budget will last, please make sure you plan your campaign duration accordingly.

  5. Before placing an Order, Wolt will display a preview of how the campaign will look like on the Wolt platform. You are solely responsible for checking the preview and for ensuring that the campaign complies with applicable laws and regulations in Israel.

  6. Wolt does not guarantee or make any representations as to the performance or quality of or results that may be obtained from campaigns. Any recommendations given in the Portal do not guarantee results. Any estimates provided by Wolt in the Portal are only estimates. Any average numbers presented in the Portal are only averages and do not represent actual results to be achieved. Wolt does not guarantee any specific visibility for a campaign on the platform.

  7. In the case of multiple campaigns running at the same time for one Partner, the campaign that will be primarily promoted to a User, will be the campaign that, according to parameters determined by Wolt, is deemed likely to be of the best value for the User. In the case of multiple campaigns offering similar value to the User, the Merchant’s campaigns will be prioritized over the campaigns offered by Wolt. In the case of multiple campaigns offering similar value to the Users, the Merchant's campaigns will be prioritized over the campaigns offered by Wolt. When multiple campaigns are available, the User is free to choose as part of their order process which campaign is applied.

  8. Submitting a campaign in the Portal and confirming these Campaign Terms constitutes a binding agreement between you and Wolt.

2. Terms applicable to specific campaigns

Free delivery.

  1. When placing an Order for a free delivery campaign, you will be paying for Users’ delivery fees in accordance with your Order and Input for the Order.

  2. Wolt has a right to charge service fees, surcharge fees and other fees from a User in connection with their delivery order irrespective of Orders for free delivery campaigns.

3. Payments and taxes

  1. Merchant will pay the fees set forth in the applicable Order (the “Fees”). The Fees will be calculated based on Wolt’s backend tracking mechanisms and the billing criteria applicable to the Order as set out in the Portal. Any reference to “risk-free” in the Portal means that you will only pay for a campaign when it leads to a User order on Wolt covered by the campaign. 

  2. In case you have set a maximum budget as part of your Input for a campaign, Wolt may exceed the budget at your cost to fulfill an individual User order subject to the campaign that is placed at a moment of time when the budget is close to running out.

  3. Merchant agrees that its payment of the applicable Fees for an Order will be made by deduction from amounts owed to Merchant by Wolt in connection with Wolt’s payouts under the Main Agreement. The timing of these deductions will be the same as for payouts defined under the Main Agreement and deductions can thus occur already during a campaign. If it is not possible to deduct from the partner's account (through the normal payout process), Wolt will issue a payment demand to the Merchant and it should be paid within 14 days.

  4. VAT will be added to the Fees in accordance with applicable laws.

4. Cancellation 

  1. You cannot cancel or change a campaign in the Portal once it went live. Therefore it is important that before placing an Order to check the campaign details to ensure that they are correct. You are solely responsible for any typo or other error you may have had after submitting a campaign. Note that you have the option to change the campaign and cancel it until it goes live. In any case, a campaign will go live at least one hour after its submission in order to allow you to change or cancel the campaign. In case the campaign went live and you notice a mistake in the campaign details, you should contact Wolt and it will try to assist but in any case Wolt will not be held responsible in this regard. 

  2. Wolt has a right to reject or remove a campaign from the Wolt platform at any time.

  3. Campaign Data and Confidentiality

    1. Wolt may provide you with information related to or generated in connection with your campaigns through the Portal (“Campaign Data”). Your use of Campaign Data is subject to the Main Agreement, including any provisions covering confidentiality or privacy, and the following restrictions: You may use Campaign Data solely (a) to plan and manage campaigns through the Portal, and (b) to evaluate the performance of campaigns for your internal purposes. You may use and disclose Campaign Data only as expressly permitted herein, and you will not, and will not permit any of your affiliates, contractors, or agents to use or disclose Campaign Data in any other way or for any other purpose, including for purposes of (i) retargeting a User or device, (ii) creating, supplementing, or appending to a profile of a User or device, or (iii) identifying any User or device. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may disclose Campaign Data to the extent required to comply with a valid and binding court order, law, or direction by a governmental or regulatory agency; provided, you must notify Wolt prior to any such disclosure. All Campaign Data is Wolt’s exclusive property and confidential information of Wolt.

5. Indemnification

  1. In addition to any indemnification obligations in the Main Agreement, Merchant will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Wolt from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, fees (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), and expenses relating to any third-party claims arising out of or related to your Orders for campaigns, Inputs or any breach of these Campaign Terms by Merchant.

6. Other terms

  1. For any relevant subject matters not covered by these Campaign Terms, the terms and conditions of the Main Agreement shall apply.

  2. If there’s any conflict between these Campaign Terms and the Main Agreement, these Campaign Terms will prevail.

  3. Wolt retains the right to unilaterally change these Campaign Terms. Wolt shall notify Merchants of any material changes to the Campaign Terms at least 15 days in advance either in the Portal or by email.

Last updated by Wolt: 3 October 2023